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REVEALS - Winter 2011!

I hope everyone's had a safe and happy holiday season! Firstly, I'd like to thank my co-mod, ubervirgin, for being absolutely amazing to work with. I'd like to thank all of our participants for their hard work and our pinch hitters for stepping in when things got stressful. You're all very beautiful people and I hope that you'll participate in the next exchange if we run one! Lastly, thank you to the commenters and supporters of this exchange for their comments and encouragement.

And now for the reveals list! Feel free to use the comment section below to let us know if any author or artist surprised you!

Note: names on headers might not reflect the list below. If you think there's an error, please contact me as soon as possible.
Note to authors and artists: You are now free to post your fic or art anywhere you'd like, or you can link to the posts here. We will never delete your post. If you see ANY errors, please let me know via email or Tumblr ask in the next week! We'll be working on editing headers in the next few days so we might as well edit at the same time. ;P And don't forget to thank the person who filled your assignment! If you'd like us to change the username on your assignment or gift you received, please let us know.

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